Should You Go For an Air Suspension System?

Do you know what an air suspension system is? It is a type of vehicle suspension system that is powered by an engine or electric-driven compressor. If you are planning on getting one, know that there are definitely a few things that you need to take into consideration before having it installed.

Fortunately, you’ve come across the right article. We’ve been approached by dozens of clients asking more or less the same question, “Should I go for an air suspension system?” To help you decide, we’ve compiled a short list of notable factors that you’ll want to consider, the pros and cons of using an air suspension system if you will.

The Pros:

For many, the first and foremost benefit of installing an air suspension system is the level of comfort you can enjoy on the road. Vehicles that have an this suspension system installed have often been described as, “practically gliding through bumps on the road.“

Moreover, unlike its traditional variant, an air suspension system is adjustable. In other words, the vehicle owner or driver can make the suspension system as soft or as stiff as they prefer. While many may understandably prefer a soft, comfortable ride, there are some enthusiasts who actually prefer to feel the imperfections of the road. Whatever the reason though, the degree of control that you can enjoy from an air suspension system should definitely be considered a pro.

If you drive an SUV, then you’ll be happy to know that an air suspension system can greatly increase your car’s towing ability as well. With most air suspension systems, drivers are able to adjust the firmness of the suspension while they’re towing another vehicle, trailer or object. This allows the vehicle to handle much larger loads, compared to when it was equipped with a traditional spring suspension system.

The Cons

Now here come the drawbacks. The main one here would be the expenses. Even for luxury models, these suspension systems don’t come cheap. Very few vehicles include this as a standard feature. For the average individual, it might be considered a very costly option. Moreover, we’ve only just covered installation costs. You’ll also need to factor in the costs needed for regular and emergency repairs.

Now that you are aware of what awaits you, the question of whether or not you should get an air suspension system should be a lot easier to answer. If you think the benefits are worth the added costs, then by all means, go for it. If you remain apprehensive, then perhaps it’s better to wait until you can afford it.