Suspension Repair Signs to Watch Out For

We all live in a time where we don’t worry too much about our automobile’s suspension systems. We should, but sadly, it is something we typically take for granted. Years may pass, but at some point the shocks will begin to wear out. When this happens, suspension repair suddenly becomes a necessity.

One reason why people take it for granted is because most believe it’s all about having a smooth ride. However, experts will paint a different picture for you: bad suspension also means a greatly diminished ability to control your vehicle. Understandably, this makes it a huge safety hazard. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s in your best interest to watch out for signs and symptoms that indicate a problem with your suspension. Below are a few signs that you’ll need to watch out for:

Rougher rides than usual

Rougher rides are a surefire sign that it’s time to get a repair check. You can tell when a ride becomes too rough when the driver and/or passengers start to feel every bump on the road or when they get really shaken up after a particularly bad bump. This is a really tough sign to miss out on, so if you do experience it, then it’s highly recommended that you act on the problem immediately. Not only will you keep yourself and your passengers safer, you’ll also ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Nose dives when the vehicle stops

This is another troubling sign that should be very difficult to miss. When your vehicle lurches forward or ‘dips’ every time the brakes are firmly applied, then it’s definitely time for a suspension check. Why? Well, aside from the benefits discussed in the previous section, you’ll also be able to decrease your vehicle’s stop time by a whopping twenty percent! That’s more than enough to save lives in the event of an emergency.

Visibly damaged shocks

Take time to inspect the shocks yourself or have a professional take a look. Do this by looking under your vehicle and carefully examining each of the shocks. If they seem a little too oily or greasy to you, then they’re probably leaking fluid. Once they leak fluid, they’re not likely to work very well. This is another surefire sign that the shocks need to be either replaced or repaired.

There are more signs out there to look out for, so if you think something’s not right then maybe your gut is on to something. This problem definitely isn’t something to scoff at. Make sure not to waste any time and see an auto repair expert as soon as you can.